The New Innovation Center at Atlantic Cape Community College

Innovation Center

Atlantic Cape Community College’s new Innovation Center is a state-of-the-art, forward-thinking, technology-laden facility geared towards providing instruction and services in Esports, Cybersecurity, Computer Forensics, Game Design and Computer Science. Located on the college’s Mays Landing campus, the Innovation Center is located inside the renovated Charles B. Boyer Hall (Building B2).

Renovated classrooms, technology and high-efficiency geothermal HVAC upgrades, and new windows, energy efficient white roof and interior finishes in Silas Morse Hall (Building B1) and the creation of new faculty offices, kitchenette and lounge in Samuel Richards Hall (Building B3) completed the project.

The Innovation Center Building at Atlantic Cape.
Innovation Center Exterior
The Innovation Centers outside patio where students relax on their breaks between classes.
Innovation Center Courtyard

Important facts and figures:

  • Funded by a $4 million grant from New Jersey’s Securing Our Children’s Future Bond Act and $1.33 million from Atlantic County.
  • Replaces the original Boyer Hall structure, which was erected in 1967 and was one of the oldest buildings on campus.
  • 18,200 square feet in all (6,300 square feet Building B1, 8,800 square feet Building B2 and 3,100 square feet Building B3).
  • In Building B1, four existing classrooms and seven existing offices were renovated, and two new unisex bathrooms were built.
  • In Building B2/Innovation Center, new construction added an Esports gaming lab, computer seminar rooms, lobby, 36-person classrooms, 24-person classrooms, larger computer classroom, lobby entrance, enclosed connecting ramp to Student Center, as well as new windows, doors, high-efficiency geothermal HVAC system, LED lighting, flooring, energy efficient white roof, ceilings, paint and technology.
  • In Building B3, existing classrooms were removed and replaced with ten new double occupancy offices, one new single occupancy office and one new lounge/single occupancy office. New construction also added a new kitchenette, gender-neutral faculty bathroom, lounge, while also replacing the building’s lighting, high-efficiency geothermal HVAC system, windows, interior/exterior doors, energy efficient white roof and technology.
  • Two new enclosed corridor links were constructed between Buildings B1-B2 and Buildings B1-B3 allowing climate-controlled access throughout the three buildings.
  • In the Courtyard, a new pavilion structure was built for outdoor learning and campus activities, while solar powered picnic tables, new hardscaping and planter beds filled with indigenous, hearty and drought resistant plants.

New degree options available at our Innovation Center:


A man behind a laptop with the laptop screen illuminating his face.

Prepare for a career as a cybersecurity professional and learn computer and information security skills. Emphasis is placed on data loss prevention, identity and access management, incident response, and forensic analysis.

Learn about the cybersecurity program at Atlantic Cape.

Game Design & Development

A man behind a laptop with the laptop screen illuminating his face.

Do you have a passion for gaming? Become a part of this exciting field and develop the necessary skills at Atlantic Cape. Students will learn game theory, graphic design, animation, 3D modeling, and game programming.

Learn about game design and development at Atlantic Cape.


A man behind a laptop with the laptop screen illuminating his face.

Learn about the growing Esports industry and develop the game design and business skills needed to succeed. This degree program prepares students for an introductory management position in Esports.

Learn about the Esports program at Atlantic Cape.