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Atlantic Cape And Sinclair College to Host A Drone Kick-Starter Competition

01/31/2020 | Media Contact: Erin Mercer | (609) 343-4923

Atlantic Cape Community College Announces agreement with Sinclair College that includes hosting a drone kick-starter competition

MAYS LANDING - Atlantic Cape signed a Subaward Agreement with Sinclair College of Ohio to partner in the National Science Foundation-funded project, “Educating Entrepreneurial Technicians for Unmanned Aerial Systems.” The subaward began this fall and continues through Sept. 30, 2022. One of the capstones of this partnership will be a drone kick-starter program hosted by Sinclair College at Atlantic Cape, dates to be announced.

Atlantic Cape is already the recipient of the National Science Foundation’s award for “Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations and Maintenance,” and the agreement between the college and Sinclair is the second grant awarded to the burgeoning drone program.

“What this means for our students is that a whole host of careers within the drone industry are available to them, said Jim Taggart, Professor of Aviation Studies. “Students can start businesses in almost any industry that requires a drone, from law enforcement to film making. UAS is all about being entrepreneurial.”

Atlantic Cape and Sinclair College are developing a model program to educate STEM students for careers in the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) industry. The program will train entrepreneurially oriented students in technology such as sensors, avionics, software, data analytics, and other advanced technologies. The significant growth of UAS is driving demand for skilled workers in STEM fields who have both business skills and technical, drone-related skills. UAS technology is used across several STEM disciplines, including manufacturing, agriculture, environmental science, mapping, engineering, and more.  

The college will participate in Sinclair’s entrepreneurship kick-starter competition to support students interested in forming high-tech UAS-related startup businesses. In Project Year 3, Sinclair’s UAS Entrepreneurship Kick-Starter Competition will be at Atlantic Cape Community College. Mentors, reviewers, judges, and other facilitating personnel from experts at both colleges, regional entrepreneur programs, and other organizations from the national UAS network.

“We’re excited about our program expanding because the possibilities are endless, said Dr. Josette Katz, Vice President of Academic Affairs. “And we’re really looking forward to hosting the kick-starter competition on our campus.”