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Announcement About Spring 2020 Grading Options

04/22/2020 | Media Contact: Erin Mercer | (609) 343-4923
A graphic depicting college grading

Dear Students,
I hope that this note finds you and your family well.
As you are aware many colleges are altering their grading policies for the Spring 2020 semester and giving students the option of Pass/Fail. In light of the COVID-19, Atlantic Cape will also be offering a grading option to students enrolled in courses during the Spring 20 semester. 
Your faculty will be grading you based on the criteria that they have communicated to you during the semester. After receiving your letter grade, if you believe that the COVID-19 pandemic negatively impacted your course performance you can opt for a change from a traditional letter grade to a Pass/Withdraw grade.
If you have earned a passing grade for the course (D or above) the grade can be changed to a "PC". You will also have the option of requesting a "W" for the course without having to request approval from the faculty. The "PC" grade will not impact your GPA and will meet the pre-requisites of a "C" or better.
The Pass (PC) /Withdrawal option will apply to the following spring 2020 terms (Full Spring, Cape May 12 week, Late Start).  You will be allowed to make the choice of a Pass/Withdrawal grade through Monday, June 22, 2020, one month after the deadline for faculty to submit final grades for the full Spring semester. Culinary students will follow a different time frame due to their technical evaluation at the end of the summer.

The petition process will be handled by Student Affairs/Financial Aid so that you can receive proper guidance on the potential ramifications of a "PC" or "W" grade. Opting for this grade can impact your preparedness for a subsequent course, the transferability of the course to a four-year college, financial aid eligibility, Veterans benefits and future admission to competitive programs on the undergraduate and graduate levels. We want to help you make a wise decision.

Please note the "PC" option will not be available for students enrolled in NURS courses. Students who plan to apply for the Nursing program cannot request the "PC" option for the prerequisite courses for entrance into the Nursing program.

Once you make the decision to petition for a grade change, you may not change your mind so careful consideration must be given before you complete the paperwork. The final procedures for the petition process are still being developed and you will be alerted when they are finalized. You cannot take any action until after you have received your final grade(s).

The letter grade is still your best option, so I encourage to do your best as you complete the course.
I realize that this has been a tough few weeks and truly appreciate your dedication to your studies
Dr. Josette Katz,
Vice President of Academic Affairs