Mission Statement

CFA Logo The Center For Accessibility at Atlantic Cape Community College exists to ensure that students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate in educational and co-curricular offerings by providing reasonable and ethical accommodations consistent with ADA guidelines utilizing an individualized, student-centered approach; modeling best practices through training, collaboration and engagement within the campus communities.


Employee Name & Title Phone Number Email Address

Chad Bullock 
Center for Accessibility

(609) 343-5107


Jesse Kurtz
Senior Manager, Digital Accessibility
Center for Accessibility

(609) 343-5622


Kathleen Piontkowski
Center for Accessibility

 (609) 343-5766


Juliana Torres Santiago
Office Coordinator
Center for Accessibility

(609) 343-5680


Trainer Biographies

Mr. Bullock serves as Director, Center for Accessibility, at Atlantic Cape Community College. He holds his M. A. in Instructional Technology from Stockton University and is a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies from the International Association of Accessibility Professionals.

Mr. Bullock joined the Center for Accessibility in 2016 as Adaptive Technology Specialist assisting with the student adaptive technology loaner program, the web accessibility faculty and staff training initiative, the institution's accessible procurement processes, and providing alternative content solutions.

Prior to his current assignment in 2016, Mr. Bullock served as Program Coordinator in the college’s Instructional Technology department aiding faculty in the development, implementation, and support of online courses. 

Mr. Bullock is frequently the instructor for the Center’s following training offerings:

  • Introduction to Web Accessibility
  • Creating Accessible Digital Content
  • Universal Design for Learning and Instruction
  • Selecting and Adopting Accessible Materials

Mr. Kurtz serves as Senior Manager, Digital Accessibility, Center for Accessibility, at Atlantic Cape Community College.  Mr. Kurtz conducts extensive web accessibility testing, provides personalized digital accessibility training, and performs remediation of digital content on behalf of Atlantic Cape’s Center for Accessibility.  He holds his M.S. in Computer Science from Rowan University.   Over the years Mr. Kurtz has accumulated hours of training and professional development in regard to accessibility testing, including WCAG compliance, digital content creation, and solution evaluation.

Prior to his current assignment in 2021, Mr. Kurtz served as Senior Manager, Web Systems and Marketing in Atlantic Cape’s College Relations department where he managed the college website and led web accessibility efforts. 

Mr. Kurtz provides technical guidance on Atlantic Cape’s Consent Decree Task Force and Technology Committee.  He is an adjunct instructor of Computer Information and Office Management Systems. Mr. Kurtz has taught web design classes and mentored students in Atlantic Cape’s Workforce Development entrepreneur course.   He is an adviser to the Community for the Differently Abled (CDA) Club.  

Mr. Kurtz is an instructor for the CFA’s following training offerings: 

  • Creating Accessible Documents
  • Introduction to Web Accessibility

Juliana Torres Santiago is the Office Coordinator for the Center For Accessibility. Juliana is an instructor for the CFA's "Accommodations at Atlantic Cape" training offering. She also represents the department in various presentations and speaking engagements. She is an alumni of Atlantic Cape, in which she earned 3 associate degrees. Currently, she is pursuing her Bachelors in Liberal Arts with a Minor in Disability Studies. Being a disabled student herself, she is a strong advocate for our students in the Center For Accessibility. 

How to Apply for Services

Find out more information on eligibility requirements and how to apply for accommodations.

Resources and Services

Atlantic Cape students have access to academic accommodations depending on their eligibility and needs. We also offer a large array of technologies and software programs to help them succeed in the classroom.