Atlantic Cape Community College has made a commitment to develop this Web site so that it meets the needs and expectations of our users who experience physical, mental and technological challenges that makes browsing the Web require more effort.

We offer the following services for students on campus:

We are constantly providing more accessibility features in our Web site, but here is a list of what we have included so far.

Access Keys

Students outside

The implementation of access keys ensures the user is able to access specific links that they may find helpful by using browser-specific shortcuts. For example, in Internet Explorer and Netscape, the user can use a key combination on their keyboard of the Alt key (Control on Mac) and one of the numbers below. This should be helpful for users who find it difficult to manage a mouse.

  • 1 The home page for Atlantic Cape Community College
  • 2 Site Map
  • 3 Link for Admission & Registration
  • 4 Link for Services for Students
  • 5 Link for Academics
  • 6 Link for Continuing Education
  • 7 Link for About Atlantic Cape
  • 8 Skip Navigation feature for seeing impaired users

ARIA Landmark Roles

The use of the ARIA Landmark Roles significantly improve its navigability. For example, the JAWS screen reader will announce all of the ARIA Landmarks when a page is loaded, and allows users to quickly jump between them by pressing the semicolon key.

ARIA Roles used on

  • banner
  • search
  • main
  • contentinfo