Center for Accessibility

sign language teacherAt Atlantic Cape, we are committed to providing a welcoming, encouraging, and empowering environment for students with disabilities. The Center for Accessibility (CFA) was created to ensure equal access to all phases of campus life, enhance academic success, and provide reasonable accommodations for all students with documented disabilities on an individual basis. The CFA team is committed and ready to assist students with disabilities to reach their academic goals.

The CFA is responsible for coordinating support services, reasonable academic accommodations, and promoting disability awareness at Atlantic Cape and in the community at large. Academic accommodations are determined based on documentation submitted by the student. The office also provides access to assistive technology equipment and services. All service are free of charge.

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Visit Counseling and Support Services Office
Mays Landing campus, J Building, Room 117

Hours of Operation

Regular Business Hours:

Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.
Closed Saturday and Sunday
Phone: (609) 343-5680
Fax: (609) 343-4926

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Resources and Services

Atlantic Cape students have access to academic accommodations depending on their eligibility and needs. We also offer a large array of technologies and software programs to help them succeed in the classroom.

I would like to credit the whole community of Atlantic Cape Community College for helping me achieve my associate degree. My brother and I appreciated the daily help during our journey at Atlantic Cape. The students kindly opening doors for us and helped us carry things when we were weighted down. The professors and counselors were most supportive. The staff from security lending a hand to us while crossing the walkways and maintenance/tech support always making sure we have our adaptive equipment. The office employees always assisting us with questions. My brother and I truly appreciated everyone’s kind support.” ___________________________________________________________________ “I certainly have changed since attending Atlantic Cape. I am more well rounded after being subjected to material such as statistics, chemistry and classic literature. For instance, due to my disability, most likely, I will never serve active duty in the Armed Forces. However, by reading Tim O' Brien's "The Things They Carried," and listening to my fellow veteran classmates' input during class discussions gave me better insight on the life experience of a soldier on active duty, Tyler and Stefan Delp, respectively Class of 2018