Policy No. 602

Adopted: 04/23/96
Reviewed: 9/23/08



Description: Appropriated Resources

The Atlantic Cape Community College Board of Trustees shall not permit the expenditures or projected expenditures of the college to exceed appropriated resources. Appropriated resources shall be unrestricted revenues and unrestricted current fund balances appropriated to be expendable in a given budget period by the Board of Trustees.

Deficit spending for any fund is prohibited.



Tuition and Fees No. 602.1
Accounts Payable No. 602.2
Payroll No. 602.3
Reimbursement of Travel Expense No. 602.4
Travel Advance Request Form Supplement 1, No. 602.4
Travel Expense Report/Voucher Supplement 2, No. 602.4
Air Travel Request Form Supplement 3, No. 602.4
Reimbursement of Meal and Entertainment Expenses, No. 602.5


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