Policy No. 841

Area: Human Resources

Description: Position Classification

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved: 5/26/09


Position classification provides a basis for compensation and assists in administering wages and salaries for non-faculty positions.Classification is the grouping of positions which consist of similar duties, have approximately the same levels of complexity and responsibility, require similar training and experience at the time of recruitment and may be compensated by the same general levels of pay.

Whenever an employee and his/her supervisor believe the duties and requirements of an existing job have changed sufficiently they should take the initial step in the classification procedure by reviewing the Request for Reclassification Form and its specifications. The specifications are descriptive explanations of the work performed and are used to draw relationships to other similar positions.

This form is provided by and returned to the Human Resources Department.

The supervisor must agree to the employee's request for reclassification prior to submission of the signed form to Human Resources.

Reclassification may result in a higher or lower classification or no change in grouping.

Please refer to appropriate bargaining unit agreement.


Position Classification No. 841.1

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