Policy No. 860

Area: Human Resources

Description: Workers Compensation

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:


Atlantic Cape Community College is subject to the Workers' Compensation Act. Under this Act, any employee who is injured in the course of work or who contract an occupational disease as defined by law is eligible for insurance coverage.

Any injury or illness to an employee which occurs on the job should be reported immediately to the supervisor who will see that the employee receives approved medical attention. Even though the injury does not result in absence from duty, an official report must be filed with the college Health Services Office. Failure to complete proper paperwork or failure to contact the Health Services Office may result in forfeiture of workers compensation benefits.

Receipt for any medical or related bills which are paid by the employee should be sent to the college Health Services Office for payment processing, if the employee followed the above for workers compensation claims.

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