Policy No. 861

Area: Human Resources

Description: Employment

Adopted: 11/24/98
Revisions Approved:

The appropriate Senior Staff member must initiate all staffing requests. The search process will begin when the Human Resources Department has received a completed Personnel Requisition Form from the Senior Staff member.

The Human Resources Department shall make all formal offers to successful candidates for employment at Atlantic Cape Community College. This shall include all full- and part-time teaching and staff positions. In the case of adjunct teaching staff, the appropriate department in close cooperation with the Human Resources Department may do hiring.

This policy does not include the Federal Work-Study Program or the Institutional Work-Study Program. This policy shall also not apply to the re-hire of part-time teachers and staff members unless a break in service has occurred since the candidate's prior employment with the college. For this purpose, lack of summer teaching shall not be considered a break in service for part-time faculty members

The Human Resources Department shall also be responsible for communications with all unsuccessful candidates for employment. All inquiries by unsuccessful candidates should be referred to Human Resources.


Employment No. 861.1

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