Policy No. 913

Area: Security

Description: Key Policy

Adopted: 04/23/96

Revisions Approved: 7/28/09


Atlantic Cape Community College has assigned the responsibility for the control of all keys on the campuses to the Security Department.

1. It is the policy of Security that other than during normal working hours, all buildings shall be locked in order to maintain the security of the buildings and their contents.

2. Staff members and students may be issued keys upon presentation of a written request from the appropriate supervisor. Keys are issued for the sole purpose of conducting College business.

An authorized individual shall not use their key to permit other unauthorized individuals access.

An individual entering or leaving a secured area shall be responsible for re-securing that area and may be held responsible for any lost or damaged property resulting from failure to do so.

3. All keys issued remain the property of Atlantic Cape Community College and shall be returned under the following conditions:

For staff members:
(1) Upon transfer to another department, building or campus.
(2) Upon termination of employment.
(3) Upon request of supervisor.
(4) Upon being granted a leave of absence.
For students:
(1) At the end of the academic semester.
(2) Upon request of the supervisor

4. It is the responsibility of the appropriate supervisor to ensure that all keys are returned under the provisions of paragraph 3 above.

5. Under no circumstances is a key to be transferred from one individual to another or to be obtained from any source other than the Security Office.

6. Keys to cabinets, lockers and drawers are not covered under provisions of this policy except in replacement of lost keys.

7. The types and quantity of keys issued will be limited to the minimum required by regular work assignments. Several individual keys may be issued to limit the issuance of master keys.

8. The loss or theft of any key shall be reported immediately to the supervisor who in turn shall notify the Security Office.

9. Lost keys turned in to a department are to be forwarded immediately to the Security Office.

10. Applications for keys are made on a work request form.
Forms are available from the Security Office (see Work Request Form Supplement 1, No. 915.1)

11. Requesters are required to pick up keys in person at the Security Office between 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m. weekdays.

12. Prior to the end of each semester, Security will provide each Dean with a list of individuals assigned keys to areas under his/her jurisdiction.

13. Annually, each department must check and certify the accuracy of an inventory list of keys issued for areas under its jurisdiction.

14. Keys must be presented at the request of the, Security supervisor or other law enforcement official in the performance of his/her duty.

15. The general rule-of-thumb for issuing keys is as follows:
Security is responsible for securing classrooms based on a provided classroom schedule. Therefore, classroom keys are not issued to staff members.

Individuals responsible for laboratory areas are permitted to have keys for the lab classrooms. However, they then assume the responsibility for the security of those areas during normal work hours.

All staff are entitled to lavatory keys and their respective office key.
Building entry keys are not issued to staff members. Any individual wishing access to a locked building should make arrangements with Security.

Building masters may only be issued to department chairs for their respective building or administrative heads, and must be approved by the Chief Security officer.
Grand masters are restricted.

Where advisable, and with mutual agreement between Security and the College or division, locks shall be re-keyed whenever a key is lost or not returned. The individual responsible for the keys of the specific department involved, or the specific department may be required to pay re-keying costs in addition to lost key charges.

16. Students who do not return keys will have their records frozen.

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