Blackboard Learn Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements for Blackboard Learn

female student sitting under tree working with laptop
  • Mac or Windows computer
  • Web browser validated for use with Blackboard Learn (see list below)
  • Internet Connection
  • Pop-up blocker disabled

You will need one of the below supported desktop browsers for use with Blackboard Learn in the Fall 2022 Semester:

Browser Type Browser Version
Chrome Most recent stable version and two preceding versions
Edge Most recent stable version and two preceding versions
Firefox Most recent stable version and two preceding versions
Internet Explorer Unsupported
Safari Two most recent major versions

Run the browser checker to see whether Blackboard Learn supports your browser.

For the best Blackboard Learn experience with a screen reader, use Chrome and Jaws on a Windows system and use Safari and VoiceOver on a Mac system.

Regardless of the browser being used, Blackboard Learn requires the use of session cookies and javascript enabled in the user's browser to provide the right experience for teaching and learning.

Recent updates to several browsers have included changes to how the browser handles third-party cookies. These changes may affect tools from other providers that integrate with Blackboard Learn. If you have trouble accessing an integrated tool after a browser upgrade, edit your browser’s settings to allow sites to save and read cookie data. You can find instructions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge online.

Modern mobile browsers are generally considered compatible when using mobile-compatible content. Not all tools and workflows have been optimized for mobile use.

Blackboard App and Blackboard Instructor are supported native apps for mobile and tablet devices that interact with Blackboard Learn servers. These apps may have their own device requirements.

You'll need the ability to:

  • browse the Internet
  • download and upload files
  • download and install software
  • learn independently and manage time effectively

You'll also need:

  • to meet the prerequisites of the course (see online course description for more information about prerequisites)