Communication Alumni Council

Communication Alumni Council

The Communication Alumni Council (CAC) was formed by graduates of the Communication degree program in December 2018.  This organization serves to unite the alumni of the Atlantic Cape Community College Communication Program; to promote understanding among students, faculty and alumni in their various professions; to utilize alumni skills and resources to strengthen the program’s union; to advise current Communication students; and advise potential students in their decision to enroll at Atlantic Cape Community College.

The CAC is open to all Atlantic Cape Communication Alumni as well as any other individuals with a connection to the purpose of CAC.

Executive Committee Members


  • Briar Gibbons, '14, President
  • Christopher Devine, '16, Vice-President
  • Kyle Schachner, '16, Treasurer
  • Nicole Mingo, '16, Secretary


  • Jenna DeLuca, '17
  • Kaleef Lloyd, '07
  • Taylor Henry, '16
  • Jessica Patrick, '15
  • Meghan Clark, '18

Communication Alumni Scholarship

The Communication Alumni Scholarship was developed by Communication alumni and will be awarded to an Atlantic Cape Communication student transferring to a 4-year institution of higher education.  

Thank you for your support!

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